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Content Ideas - For When You Don't Know What To Post

We've all been there. You know, where you are completely aware you haven't posted in awhile and know that you need to post something to let people know you're still there, but you're STUCK on what to post. Thinking of content ideas can be stressful, time consuming, and down right brutal if you aren't the creative kind. Whatever you decide to post it needs to be valuable to your target audience so it's important not to rush into posting something off brand or completely irrelevant.

I'm going to share a list of ideas for you to use when you are drawing a blank when it comes time to post. I want you to put your own spin on these ideas. What one person builds off these ideas can and will be completely different from what others do. Make these ideas fit your brand and businesses style.

11 Content Ideas

1. Share a tip you recently learned

2. Answer a FAQ you get a lot

3. Get personal - tell your audience what you and your family got up to over the weekend. Bonus points for tagging other businesses in your post ;)

4. Share a fun fact about yourself and encourage your audience to participate and share on about themselves

5. Boast about yourself - maybe a recent award or training certificate you recently earned

6. List your favourite "can't live without" items for work

7. Provide a sneak peak on a product or project you are working on

8. Throwback to how far you have come from first starting to now

9. Share a "day in the life of"

10. Show your viewers your work space (I just did this one, see below!)

11. Spread the love. Share a business or person you are inspired by. Ask your viewers to do the same by tagging the business or person who inspires them in the comments.

My office space!

I hope you get inspired by these ideas and they spark some of the creativity needed to stand out online among the rest. Remember to take your time and curate quality content to ensure your post gets the attention it deserves and entices the viewer to engage.

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