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Did you know VAs can do these tasks?

You’ve heard about a Virtual Assistant, and probably understand the basics of what services they can provide. Administrative tasks, right? But what does that really entail? Administrative tasks is a pretty broad term. Here I will break down just some of the tasks you could delegate to a Virtual Assistant.

Social Media Management

This one is huge for a vast majority of people. It can be time consuming and overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with posting content and understanding insights. A Virtual Assistant can simplify and regulate your social media accounts to promote your business and create leads. 


From digital campaigns to print ads, marketing can take of a lot of time and energy. A Virtual Assistant can schedule and create marketing material and target specific audiences to drive growth in your business.

Content Creation

Blogging, newsletters, and social media posts. It can be difficult to come up with content on a consistent basis and even more difficult to create the time to make your plans come to fruition. Cohesive content and consistency is key to creating your brand.

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