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Let's Talk Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role in promoting your brand and connecting with your community and target audience. They are an effective way to increase engagement and expand your reach on your posts and they can connect you with other like-minded individuals to learn and collaborate with.

Research shows that by using at least one hashtag it can increase your engagement by 12%. Now imagine what you can do if you used all 30 of them. Yes, you can only use 30 hashtags on each post. Now its important to not just through any old hashtag up to try and get more views. Hashtags need to be strategic and carefully curated to ensure you get the maximum reach possible. You should be using hashtags that are within your niche, area, and on brand. Another important note is not to use just the most popular hashtags, you will easily get lost in the other millions of posts.

Here is an example of a strategy you could use:

Use 10 small hashtags (1-250k posts)

Use 10 medium hashtags (250k-1m posts)

Use 10 large hashtags (1m+)

Connecting with others has never been easier with hashtags - changes are other like-minded individuals will follow similar or the same hashtags as you do making it easy to find and connect with them. And let's touch on that point, following hashtags is another way to find inspiration, clients, and community members.

Having a hashtag strategy within your Instagram strategy is very important if your goal is to expand your reach, engagement, and community.

Here are a few suggestions to implement into your strategy:

  1. Follow hashtags that your competitors do. It will give you good insight.

  2. Create hashtags lists. Use your notes in your phone and create 3 lists of hashtags (Think one set for your CMA, one for any personal posts, and one for any valuable information you share)

  3. Interact on your niches hashtags.

I hope this quick guide to hashtags has helped you. However, if you are still feeling overwhelmed, then it could be the right opportunity for you to outsource this task. Hiring an experienced social media manager can take the stress of you AND get you the result you want. Inquire here!

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