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How Do I Gain More Followers?

Ah the question of the century; what do I need to do to gain organic, engaged followers? Since social media has become a huge way to generate leads, increasing your follower count is on every business' goal list. But its not as easy as it used to be, building your follower count takes time, effort, and knowledge.

I am going to share some tips on how you can gain engaged followers on your social media accounts.

TIP ONE - Brand Consistency

Your social media feed needs to look cohesive and on brand. If you are just starting out with your social media accounts or are revamping your current ones, ensure you have chosen a brand color scheme to make your feed aesthetically pleasing. Consider using a program/app like Lightroom to keep your photos looking cohesive without spending a lot of time editing them. Invest in presets that are relevant to your branding.

TIP TWO - Use Appropriate Hashtags

You can spend time taking a photo, editing it, creating a great caption, and then not let the post reach its full potential because you left out hashtags. Using relevant hashtags allows followers to find you easier. For example, if a person follows #kelownarealestate and you are promoting yourself or a listing, add that hashtag to your caption, and even if that person does not follow your account (yet) your post will appear in their feed under the hashtag.

TIP THREE - Add Location

Adding a location to your post is huge! Research shows that adding a location to your post resulted in 79% higher engagement! Test your audience by using different locations, for example, broad areas like Kelowna, or use a specific area like Lower Mission.

TIP FOUR - Be Engaged

Do not expect that just because you post amazing graphics, with perfect hashtags that your followers will just come. You need to go out and be seen on others feeds and posts as well. The more you like, comment, and follow others, the more your page will be seen and therefore followed.

TIP FIVE - Do Not Post Just To Post

Yes you want to post regularly; however, if you are rushed into posting because its been a few days and you post something irrelevant, or something that doesn't bring value to your audience because you need to get something out there, you will not receive the result you want and could potentially even lose followers. Be strategic with your post content.

Remember that people follow you because you bring value. Sharing tips, personal stories, and facts about your industry will showcase your brand in all the right ways.

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