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How to Grow Your Facebook and Instagram

The goal of social media is to get online exposure for your business and interact with new and existing customers. One of the best ways to achieve that is staying up to date with Facebook and Instagrams evolving features and algorithms. Gone are the days when you could post a photo without much thought. With the maximum organic reach now being only 1.6-2%, your page relies on a lot more that just posting and ghosting.

Caption Content

The caption along with the photo you are posting is a major factor in your business being seen on the feeds. New research shows that anyone using "Buy Now" or any call to action within their caption, will see decreased organic reach as the social platform will flag this as an over promotional post. They are looking for genuine captions that draw engagement from your followers.


The more your followers engage with your post, the more organic reach you receive. This includes commenting, sharing, liking, and reacting to your posts. In fact reactions, like loving or laughing, are more valuable than just liking a post. Another helpful factor is when people share your post via messenger.

Meaningful Interactions

Always reply to customers comments on your posts. These interactions tell the platform your posts are relevant and valuable. The more interactions with you, your customers, and their contacts, the higher your reach will be.

According to Zuckerberg "Pages creating posts that people generally don't interact or comment on will see the biggest decrease in reach."

Facebook and Instagram have 2.27 billion users, with 75% logging in daily. That is a lot of potential customers that you don't want to miss because you are not adapting to the new algorithms.

I hope this blog has given you some new information to put into place when working on your future Instagram posts. This information may be overwhelming to some and in that case, outsourcing your social media platforms to a knowledgeable manager can be extremely beneficial. Contact us today if you would like to chat about social media management.

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