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Instagram Story Tips

Have you ever watched someones instagram stories and wondered how the heck they are doing that? There are so many cool features to use within your stories and many do not know about them. These features can really take your stories and page to the next level.

Here I will let you in on all the features you can use within the app. There are many third party apps you can use, but that's for a different blog!

Within the App Features

The newest feature that just rolled out to Canadians is adding music. Other countries have had this for years but we just got the pleasure of experiencing it the other day. Music always adds personality and can capture your viewers attention immediately. Some accounts have it already and some don't. If you don't, be patient, it's coming.

Adding colour to your stories is essential in my opinion. I'm sure you've noticed the colours you can use for text and the brush tool, but did you know if you hold the colour you want it will bring up a color picker!? This was a fun tool that I didn't know about until I watched a webinar recently. You can also grab a colour from your photo by clicking the far left colour button.

You can paste photos from your camera roll. When you want to add another photo to your story, or a GIF you can't find on the app, copy it from your photos or wherever and when you're ready to add to your story, click to add text and then paste whatever photo you have copied. This is another feature I didn't know about until recently. Thank goodness for webinars keeping me up to date!

If you haven't discovered the new effect option yet - then you're in for a treat. I LOVE this feature. It adds so much personality and fun to your story. From dog face effects to light leaks and glitter, these are very playful. Find your favourite by scrolling through the options on the bottom, when you scroll to the far right you will find 'browse effects' and it will bring up an entire array of effects. My favourites include Blogger Presets, Moody Up, and Glitter on White.

All of these features are easy to use and could really help capture your viewers attention. I hope you learned some new tips that you can use for your future instagram stories!

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