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Instagram Tips (Stories&Highlights)

You signed up for Instagram, post some photos here and there, receive a like or 100 and feel pretty confident you know all the fun features Instagram offers, but, are you using them to their full benefit and their full potential?

I’m going to share a few tips and tricks to take your Instagram stories and highlights to the next level.


First of all, you, as a business, NEED to be posting stories. It is an easy way to get in the face of your audience daily and can add a personal touch to your brand. Posting stories gets organic reach to your intended audience especially when using hashtags and locations within the story.

Post stories related to your brand, new products, what you’re up to that day, exciting news, the possibilities are endless. A good mixture of videos, posts both business and personal and reposts from others create a value and connection with your audience. 

*Take your stories to the next level by creating ads in a different program/app for an advanced, more personalized post. These can be very impactful and can include your logo.


If you offer a service or sell a product, your page should utilize the highlight option. (It’s the spot between the bottom of your bio and your photos, the little circles) It’s a great way to let your audience know what you do/offer/promote without scrolling anywhere. 

Highlights are created from your story posts. The options for what you put on your highlights are limitless, I personally love seeing services, testimonials, and inspiration. 

* When you pick a highlight cover photo, you do NOT have to add it as a story first. There is an option to edit the cover and choose a photo from your phones album. Game changer, I know!! I see this all the time and I have dm’d so many people about this trick that it’s what actually motivated me to write this blog! 

There is a lot more to know about these features as I have just skimmed the surface, but I hope I have given you some additional knowledge on how to take your stories and highlights to new levels.

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