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Social Media Content & Schedules

Are you curious how some people always seem to post relevant topics at a precisely perfect time? Do you wonder if people are winging it with their social media content and schedule or is there a system? Sure some people wing it, but a high quality, social media feed that brings value to the audience, is carefully curated and scheduled. Social media feeds take a lot of effort and time to gain organic reach, growth, and engagement. Here are a few tips for creating your social media schedule when you don’t know where to start.

Your social media schedule should showcase a variety of content. A consistent quality feed will alternate between things like promoting services, helpful tips, valuable insight, quotes or inspiration and even some personal moments! 

So where do you start? Begin by deciding what type of content you want to post. Do you want self promotional posts, tips or inspirational quotes? Do you want to post for Holidays or big events? Ensure your content brings value to your audience in whatever form, all while staying on brand. Once you had figured out what type of content you want, you then need to figure out many posts per week you would like to get out. Will you need to post every other day, daily, or twice daily? 

Once you have figured out the type of content and how much content you want to post, use a blank weekly template to lay out your content. Be sure to spread out the different types of content, nobody wants tip after tip after tip, so mix in some promotional posts or photos of your dog, ensure there is variety among each post. I personally use the app Preview to preload my photos to ensure my feed stays looking cohesive and on brand. To figure out what time of day is best for your to post take a look at your social media insights and figure out what days/times your audience is most engaged and plan your posts accordingly. 

It is very important to stick to your social media schedule, however, it is good to have a slight flexibility within, as some things to come up last minute and you wouldn’t want to double or over post!

And hey, if you read this and say to yourself you don’t have time to create good content and consistent posts, you best hire yourself a Virtual Assistant. Social media is proven to drive growth within your business and maintain a connection with clients, and it’s FREE!

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