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Virtual Assistant vs. In House Employee

Okay, so you can't do it all. You've been trying to juggle all of the tasks that come along with being a successful entrepreneur and you've decided you need to hire someone to delegate some administrative tasks and projects to. You've heard about Virtual Assistants but question how they would compare to an in house employee and if it would save you money or cost you more and how beneficial it would be to your growing business.

I'm going to set out a few examples of why hiring a VA over an in house employee will save you time, headaches, and MONEY!

First of all, let's discuss the additional taxes, etc. When you hire a VA you aren't paying for things such as EI, payroll tax, or benefits as you would an employee. Those in general will save you thousands of dollars a year and that also means less paperwork for you!

What about a desk space? Do you work from home or currently rent an office space in a building? Would you be willing to dish out more money to rent another office space, or find a space for the employee to work from? Even when you find a space for the employee, what about all of the computer hardware and software they are going to require? A new computer system with printer, scanner, etc., can cost upwards of $2000, then add on programs such as Microsoft Office, etc.. A VA works from their own space with their own high quality hardware and software. You will not need to ensure their computer works, or run to Staples when their printer runs out of ink. A VA is in charge of their own supplies and maintenance.

A VA is paid only for "time on task" or by project. Let's say you want to start a digital ad campaign, a VA will charge only for the time spent on that project or task. An employee is paid either hourly or salary regardless of what tasks are being completed during that time. A VA has the ability to stay on task and get the job done efficiently and effectively. An employee may not use their time the wisest and to your upmost benefit.

Whether an employee is part time or full tine, it is difficult to find someone to be "on call" and available in the evenings and on the weekends. A VA makes themselves as available as you need them. It's not entirely frowned upon to email your VA in the evening to assist with an important task that you don't have time for. An employee clocks out at 5pm and is not available until their next scheduled time.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant vs. an in house employee is a decision that will impact your business growth, not only because hiring a VA will save you money, but because a VA is a trained professional and holds a certain set of skills to complete tasks with high quality work, reliability and a flexible schedule.

If hiring a VA is something you are interested in, please contact me

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